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Have questions about our dental care in Missouri City, Texas? Check out some common questions and answers from our dentist and team below! If you have any further questions, we would love to hear from you! Contact Subtle Smiles at 281-491-3626 today and set up an appointment with Dr. Martin Youngs today.

Why do I need to take another X-rays? Didn’t you already take one a couple weeks ago?

We do require you to take X-rays with every visit if a problem persists. We might find a significant difference from your last visit.

How long does anesthetic last?

Usually anesthetic lasts about one to two hours after treatment is finished. It is ultimately up to how a patient processes the anesthetic. Every patient is different.

How long before I can eat after a fluoride treatment?

With a fluoride rinse, you should wait 30 minutes to eat, drink or rinse. With the fluoride varnish, you can eat right away, but no brushing for eight hours.

What is the benefit of fluoride varnish versus a rinse?

The rinse will only coat teeth for one minute while you rinse, which is a great benefit, but it is ideal to use varnish as it stays longer and continues to benefit teeth with vitamins for a longer period of time.

Why does my insurance not pay for my tooth colored filling?

Insurance pays for what is functional and sometimes not what is diagnosed or recommended. For example, some insurance plans have the option to pay the downgraded benefit of a silver filling as they consider a tooth color filling “cosmetic.”