At Subtle Smiles, we not only offer treatments for children and teens but also provide adult dentistry in Missouri City, Texas. Our dentist and team would love to meet with you, talk about your smile goals and create your personal treatment plan. If you would like to schedule a visit with Dr. Martin Youngs call our office at 281-491-3626 today.

As time goes on, your smile changes, and your oral health needs change with it. While people of all ages can benefit from checkups and restorative dentistry, adults do require different treatment than younger patients. Adults often have a greater degree of dental wear or damage than children and may even develop alignment problems as they get older. Lifestyle choices may have led to tooth decay or gum disease and may also put an adult at risk for oral cancer. As a person ages, their gums may begin to recede, leaving the roots of their teeth vulnerable to dental caries. As teeth are lost over time, an adult can benefit from dentures or dental implants.

No matter your age, our dentist and team can help you restore or even create a smile that will serve you well for life. Call our office today and schedule your first visit with us!